Big Changes for the New Year

The Anti-Cruelty Society’s Community Programs Department is sad to announce the departure of our good friend and colleague Stephanie Bruno, who finished up her run as the Society’s Coordinator of Volunteer Services on Wednesday, December 23. She will obviously be greatly missed by her co-workers and the many volunteers that she managed, and losing her tremendous positive energy will be quite the adjustment for all of us. Fortunately, we have already found a great person to fill her role as we dive headfirst into 2K16.

staff selfie 10

Eric Tostado has been with The Anti-Cruelty Society for over 11 years. He spent most of his tenure here in the Customer Service Department, which he has actually managed for quite some time now. Working in customer service means that Eric has become adept at dealing with the public and handling the strange cases that regularly come through the doors of an animal shelter. As the first point of contact for both patrons and most volunteers, Eric has become a friendly and familiar face for a lot of the people involved in our community of caring. On top of all that, he’s naturally accrued copious amounts of knowledge about the ins and outs of The Anti-Cruelty Society after spending so much time here and being involved in so many different projects. This in-depth understanding of our organization, his comfort and experience working with the volunteers, and his enthusiastic and outgoing personality will make him a perfect fit for this position.

The transition from his current role managing Customer Service into the Community Programs Department will take a few weeks, and he will officially be starting as the Volunteer Services Coordinator on Monday, January 4. Join us in welcoming Eric to the team!


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