Tara Laffey, Our New Humane Education Specialist

The Anti-Cruelty Society’s Community Programs Department recently welcomed the newest member of our team, and for the first time ever, we now have three full-time Humane Education Specialists on staff. This will allow us to serve more members of the community each year, as well as expand our program offerings to host events on Saturdays on a more regular basis (more regular = all the time, in this case). I could tell you more about Tara, but I’ll just let her do it herself…


Tara is the one on the left.

“Hi! My name is Tara Laffey. I live in Chicago with my high school sweetheart and two adorable adopted Chihuahuas. My passion for helping animals is what led me here. I have always known helping homeless dogs and cats was my calling, so I began volunteering in animal shelters when I was a teen. I then attended the University of Illinois and earned a degree in Animal Sciences. Shortly after I graduated, I got a job at Chicago’s oldest and largest animal shelter: The Anti-Cruelty Society! I began working in the in the shelter as an Animal Care Specialist. I loved working hands-on with the dogs and cats all day, and my passion for helping homeless animals only grew stronger. Now I work in the Community Programs Department as a Humane Education Specialist. I love sharing my knowledge of animals and pets with the community and hope to inspire more people to care about the plight of homeless pets.”


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